HaniTD - Multiplayer tower defence
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HaniTD is the first real time online flash tower defence flash game. The multiplayer tower defense beta started in february 2010 and has 3000 registered users now. All registered users will automatically be transferred to the open beta.

HaniTD allows you to play against up to 4 player simultaneously. It enlarges the normal towerdefence concept with a lot of new features


New unique Features:

  • Income increases by sending monsters.
  • Bonus for the players with the highest income.
  • Get new tower when reaching higher levels.
  • Gain higher levels and increase 26 different unique skills.
  • 3 races. Good, neutral and evil monsters.
  • 80 different monsters - 20 different towers
  • Coddle your own favorite monster and attack other players with it or print it to a T-Shirt or a Cup


Start now become the best monster trainer in the HaniTD universe, and win the secret prize.


There is no need for a registration! Just click the link:

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HaniTD uses graphics from Battle of Wesnoth that are under the GPL Licence. You can find them here:

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